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  • Advice For The Young At Heart
    Tears For Fears (5)
  • i do
    j geils band (4)
  • california blue
    alain morisod sweet people (3)
  • Chevy Van
    Sammy Johns (3)
  • 5-7-0-5
    City Boy (3)
  • Catapult
    Jack savoretti (3)
  • Conversation
    Morris Albert (2)
  • Everyday Hurts
    Sade Cafe (2)
  • I See Fire
    Ed Sheeran (2)
  • A Woman's Touch
    Bootcamp (2)

Midi files: Instrumental (2061)

Midi files in archive: 36386
The Seduction (Love Theme)(instr) - James Last save info
Angel in Blue (instr) - General Lafayette save info
Il mondo (instr) - James Last save info
Forget Me Not (instr) - Marc Antoine save info
Barcarole (instr) - James Last save info
Root Beer Rag (instr) - Billy Joel save info
Granada (instr) - James Last save info
Foreign Exchange (instr) - Paul Brown & Marc Antoine save info
Hotel California (instr.) - Bossa Nova arrangement save info
Mare - Ricky King save info
In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus - Maxl Graf save info
James Last in Spain - James Last save info
Lament For a Frozen Flower (slow waltz) - Secret Garden save info
Cha Cha Cha Medley - James Last & seine Hammond Combo save info
Harry Potter's Waltz - SG Version save info
Blue Spanish Eyes (instr. Cha Cha) - André Loppe save info
Tuff (Original Version) - Ace Cannon save info
Wildflower (instr) - Jeff Golub save info
Il silenzio (instr) - Eddie Calvert save info
Manhattan Skyline - David Shire save info

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