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  • heart of stone
    suzi quatro (14)
  • Them Kinda Monkeys Cant Swing
    Slade (9)
  • Sweet F.A
    The sweet (8)
  • Samurai
    Nino de angelo (8)
  • Advice For The Young At Heart
    Tears For Fears (6)
  • Sorry sorry
    Chris Norman (5)
  • i do
    j geils band (5)
  • Chevy Van
    Sammy Johns (3)
  • hello again
    cars (3)
  • 5-7-0-5
    City Boy (3)

Midi files: 1990s (7032)

Midi files in archive: 38416
My next 30 years - Tim McGrae save info
Gli altri - Sandro Giacobbe save info
Anima e corpo - Roby Facchinetti save info
Batticuore (live) - Nino D'Angelo save info
Buttami via - Danilo Amerio save info
Il mio concerto per te - Al Bano save info
Jealous again - The Black Crows save info
You are my darling - Tony Christie save info
My little latin lover - Tony Christie save info
Darling tomorrow - Tony Christie save info
Dancing in the sunshine - Tony Christie save info
Come with me to Paradise - Tony Christie save info
She waits by the sliproad (The Bush Girl) - Lee Kernaghan save info
Thanks for the memory - Slade save info
Radio Wall of Sound - Slade save info
Time to move on - Tom Petty save info
When I need you - Rod Steward save info
Lean on me - Michael Bolton save info
Wer von uns - Andrea Berg save info
Lass mich nicht allein - Calimeros save info

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