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  • Advice For The Young At Heart
    Tears For Fears (6)
  • i do
    j geils band (4)
  • Catapult
    Jack savoretti (3)
  • california blue
    alain morisod sweet people (3)
  • Chevy Van
    Sammy Johns (3)
  • 5-7-0-5
    City Boy (3)
  • Livin' It Up(Friday Nite)
    Bell And James (2)
  • never
    heart (2)
  • die of a broken heart
    carolyn dawn johnson (2)
  • fireball xl-5
    don spencer (2)

Midi files: 1970s (4187)

Midi files in archive: 37368
Lake Shore Drive - Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah save info
One and One is One - Medicine Head save info
Spinning wheel blues - Status Quo save info
I'll never love this way again - Dionne Warwick ft Glady Knight save info
Worse comes to worst - Billy Joel save info
Get it right the first time - Billy Joel save info
Waiting in vain - Bob Marley save info
Boogie Nights - Heatwave save info
Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo - Rick Derringer save info
Dogs (Short version) - Pink Floyd save info
Papa was a Rolling Stone - Temptations save info
Flor de Luna - Santana save info
Rockn Roll - Led Zeppelin save info
How deep is your love - Bee Gees save info
Peaceful easy feeling - The Eagles save info
The Trial - Pink Floyd save info
Rosalita (Come out tonight) - Bruce Springsteen save info
I've loved these days - Billy Joel save info
One way out - The Allman Brothers Band save info
Everybody has a dream - Billy Joel save info

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