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All prices are in US Dollars, but you can also select £ GBP or € Euros. Currency Converter
We accept payment through PayPal or Worldpay. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still use PayPal to pay with your credit or debit card.


Audio Backing Tracks as MP3 download: $1.99 per Song
Choice of versions with/without backing vocals. Lead vocal version also available to help you get to know the song. Additional versions cost only $1.00 extra, ie. if you buy 2 versions (with BVs and without BVs) you pay only $2.99 for both, minus any loyalty discount!

MIDI files: $5.99 per Song (except ML files $9.99)
Many MIDI files include chords and lyrics as a .txt file. Many also have lyrics embedded Karaoke-style (please check each MIDI's info page to find out whether it includes Karaoke lyrics).

Multi Track audio files: $14.99 per Song
Each instrument/vocal group is on a separate channel, allowing you to remove instruments or vocals you wish to play/sing yourself. Please check each song info page for a list of instrument channels.


As an unregistered customer you get a bulk discount per order:
Single order value  |  Discount
       >$50              |     10%
       >$100            |     15%
       >$150            |     18%
       >$200            |     20% 

As a registered customer you benefit from accumulative discounts.
As your individual orders build up, you get discounts even when you buy only one song at a time:
Total order value  |  Discount
      >$50             |     10%
      >$100           |     15%
      >$150           |     18%
      >$200           |     20% 
      >$300           |     25%

Please Note: Discounts apply only to song orders, not software purchases. For any further questions please contact us at office@singingstation.com